Google Street View is coming to Fremont County, and local businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase their storefronts.

Street View, a Google Maps attachment that lets viewers zoom in on maps and see panoramic photographs taken from roads, will travel through Fremont County on Tuesday.

The Lander Chamber of Commerce is pushing the visit as an opportunity to showcase local businesses.

"This is kind of a neat opportunity for retailers and businesses to really put all of our gusto into making Lander look like a vibrant town," Lander Chamber Operations Assistant Kelsey Ball said. "So often that Google Street View is just a photo of a parked car in front of a business. Very seldom do you actually see somebody representing what that business represents."

Ball said several area businesses are jumping at the opportunity to be featured. An area yoga studio plans to hold an outdoor class as the Google car comes through.

Outdoor recreation businesses — there are several in Lander — will have some of their outdoor gear outside on display. It's a chance for Lander to show off its penchant for getting outside.

"There's lots of potential for Tuesday," Ball said.

Google Street View will also travel through other Fremont County communities and Sinks Canyon.

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