The barracuda is known to be a ferocious fish. There is a reason why Heart’s 1977 hard-driving hard rock classic is called ‘Barracuda‘ and not ‘Salmon’ or ‘Rainbow Trout.’

Yet the ocean predator is no match for the grouper, a much larger fish that doesn’t even have proper teeth.

In the video, a fisherman has either just hooked a barracuda or is using it as bait. Either way, it becomes bait when a grouper comes up from under the boat and more or less swallows the smaller fish whole.

It appears the grouper then gets away, however that doesn’t bother the fisherman. ”I got all that on video,” he says excitedly. It appears filming a good clip to upload to YouTube has become the keeper instead of landing an actual fish.

Reminds us of the old Intellivision game “Shark! Shark!“.