Our friends at Digg.com have come across one of the best videos on the internet this week and I know that it's only Monday, but it'll be pretty difficult to top this one.

I'm sorry that I couldn't get the video in this post and I promise I'm not wasting your time here. So I'll provide you with the link in hopes that you click it and get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Click here to view the entire video.

Finally found the video on Youtube so here it is if you didn't click the link!

After all, it does sound like Kermit the frogs' brother is commenting on this snow parking/rescue mission.

In addition, this reminds me of last November when my apartment complex piled up about 10 feet of snow behind my car and I had to call my dad to help get my car unstuck and I could totally see someone looking down at us and doing the exact same thing with the commentary.

Enjoy these snow-free streets in Casper for as long as we have them because they will be covered in snow again before we know it!

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