If you were wondering if everything has a holiday, the answer is yes.

It's National Fried Chicken Day and to celebrate I'm going to get a bucket of greasy goodness. The only question is, where should I go? I need you to weigh in on Facebook or in the comments section with your favorite chicken place in town! It's very important after all!

While you're thinking about it, here's some fun facts about chicken... 

- The largest serving of fried chicken was served at Kentucky Fried Chicken in celebration of the restaurant's 70th anniversary and was 2,493.35 pounds.

- Fried chicken was a sign of wealth when it was first eaten.

- There are 26  people in the U.S. listed on whitepages.com with the last name 'Chicken'

- In 2007, 95 percent of commercial restaurants had chicken on the menu.

- The average American eats over 80 pounds of chicken each year.

 - Finally, this isn't so much a fact as it is an observation... have you tried chicken and waffles? It's delicious! 


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