In the video above you hear five Wyoming stories that all have some basis in truth, but then later were embellished to become weird legends of the west.

All urban legends begin with a bit of fact. But as the story is told over the years, storytellers like to add their little twist to make the story, in their opinion, a little better and a little bigger than when they first heard it.

The hard part, for you, will be to figure out what part of the story is true and where the embellishment begins.

Was there actually a tribe of little people in Wyoming, only about 3 feet tall?

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Was that tiny mummy that was brought to Casper for examination a real thing? (That story really is a strange one. It's hard to tell if any of it is true or now.)

What really happened to the body of Big Nose after an angry mob hung him? Did the governor really make shoes out of his skin and wear them to his inauguration?

The video does talk about the Jackalope - but we all know that one is real so let's just move on.

Why was a town near Thermopolis founded, then abandoned, then bulldozed?

The video concludes with the weird story of The Headless Bride at the Old Faithful Inn near Yellowstone. Some parts of this story are true - you can decide which.

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