There a multitude of ways to show how much you care for someone on Valentine's Day, especially if you're in a committed, long term relationship, that don't cost a dime!

It is work noting that these are coming from my very male perspective to my female counterpart, but they do tend to work in any type of loving relationships (which also means children can take notes on planning things for parents).


  1. Breakfast In Bed: This is an easy, awesome and fairly easy way to show you care by getting up before your partner and preparing them their favorite morning items. Do your research though. Knowing their favorite items, vice just a random basic breakfast goes along way.
  2. Clean The Home: A spotless abode isn't always the easiest thing to maintain. It's time consuming. As V-Day isn't a "time-off work" holiday, making sure the dishes are done, the bathroom is clean and the floors are vacuumed and/or mopped, will mean a lot to that someone special. Coming home to an immaculate house is a gift any loved one will enjoy.
  3. Do The Laundry: While some may say this falls under "Clean The Home", I'd say it's more of a footnote. Washing, drying and hanging/folding laundry is a daunting task. For those that are blessed with a laundry room, the rest of your house can be spotless, but still have mounds of dirty clothes. See how happy your soulmate will be after they see all the laundry completed.
  4. Give Your Loved One A "Non-Sexual" Massage: We all know that a massage can often live to other things (like children), sometimes your partner just needs something to help them relax, whether it's sore feet or sore muscles. Do it right and without making them feel like they need to do something for you in return.
  5. Cook A Romantic Dinner: This is another easy one in the same vein as number 1. Again, a little planning ahead is key. Even if you're not Emeril Lagasse or Rachael Ray in the kitchen, there are enough online tips and tricks to turn even a novice cook into a decent chef with little effort, other than following directions (often in a video format). *Children, if you're doing this for a parent, it obviously doesn't have to be a romance thing (unless you're doing it for both parents). To rehash the importance, planning ahead is your best asset.*

Corporate businesses would love you to believe that cards, candy, stuffed animals, flowers, jewelry and other extravagant gifts are essential to a perfect Valentine's Day. I say nuts to that! Actions speak louder than words printed in a $3.00 card and last a lot longer than a bouquet of long stem roses. Any (or all) of these 5 things are sure to win you some serious cool points with your significant other. Trust me on this!

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