Let's face it, there are good gift buyers and there are those that just pick something and gift it. Unless the person giving the gift has an idea of what the other person wants, it's a long shot that they will like it. The problem with bad gifts is having to act like you like it and feeling guilty if you return it for something you really want.

With the Holiday season behind us, more than likely everyone that is going to return and/or exchange a gift has likely done so. If they haven't, they're probably on the "they took the time, why would I offend them" team. There's nothing wrong with that, it's a shame that the hard-earned money they spent went to waste and is sitting in a closet, never to be seen again.

We asked Wyomingites how many gifts they returned or exchanged this year, and a surprising number of people said they would NEVER return a gift they didn't want or exchange it other than for a new size.

Of all the answers only one person said they exchanged sizes on a kid’s pair of shoes.


We also had an answer that may sum up why we didn't get many "of course I returned the gift" answers.


I assume you're probably right, Robin. That's O.K., too.

Luckily I'm at the age that I only get a couple gifts, and usually I choose them, and they get wrapped and given to me. That takes any chance of me having to ask for a receipt and go through the whole return or exchange process.

The most popular answer we received was a simple "NOPE". You all are the best people to buy Christmas gifts for. I hope I draw your name next year.

Look at some of the answers we got and feel free to let us know if you returned or exchanged a gift by chatting with us on our app.

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Did Wyoming Return Christmas Gifts?

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