For many, these are perilous times where having enough to eat every day is a legitimate concern. Fortunately, there are a lot of options in Casper to get the food help you need or help provide if you have plenty.

We visited with Jamie Purcell from the Wyoming Food for Thought Project about the current state of hunger needs in Casper.

There was a growing hunger need in Casper prior to the coronavirus crisis. That need is even bigger now. Jamie described what they're doing now to make sure no one is left behind.

Jamie Purcell - "We have been working diligently and I don't use that word lightly to connect with the Natrona County School District...they identify Food for Thought as one of those no can leave behind things which was great...we're still distributing food bags gratefully in partnership with our amazing advocates."

This food bag program is in addition to the school district's lunch program which is detailed in this graphic.

Wyoming Food for Thought/Natrona County School District
Wyoming Food for Thought/Natrona County School District

IF YOU ARE IN NEED: Jamie said you can contact them directly and they can either help you or direct you to the organization that can. There are lots of ways to reach them. There is the Wyoming Food for Thought Facebook page and their official website. But, if you need help now, it's advisable to call them at (307) 337-1703.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP: The fastest and most efficient way to make an impact if you have a heart to help is to DONATE DIRECTLY. Thanks to the wonderful relationships that Wyoming Food for Thought has with area food providers, they can very efficiently turn your donation into the most food possible.

If you have a food need or want to help in a different part of the state, you can be a part of the Wyoming Hunger Initiative. First Lady of Wyoming, Jennie Gordon, shared other ways you can help via her Facebook page.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need or want to help. No one should go hungry with so many organizations like Wyoming Food for Thought who make themselves constantly available.

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