It all started in New Jersey and today is a worldwide enterprise. Bon Jovi started a two night performance in Tokyo on November 30th. After the Tokyo Dome shows, it's on to New Zealand and Australia, where they will wrap up for the year in Sydney on December 19th. Oprah Winfrey will be in Australia at the same time and Bon Jovi  will also play for Oprah's audience on the Australian visit.

One question that comes to mind is, why the international appeal? He said it himself with the line "I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all.  Jon explains his thoughts on the international love thrown his way.

Jon explains, "I think that, more than you realize, American pop culture has been a great influence to generations abroad. [And] we were always a pretty good representation of what that was." Jon also says that the relentless optimism of Bon Jovi's songs is another reason that people around the world love their music. He explains, "There's a lot of people in the world who are apolitical, and they relate to that kind of, 'I'm just living my life and trying to coexist and trying to make the best for me and mine, and always feeling optimistic.

I'm one of the millions, and I did rock.

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