A recent story from KOTA-TV in South Dakota claims that once the state raised its speed limit to 80 mph people started driving much faster. 88 mph is the average.

The argument behind raising the speed limit in the state was that no one was going 75 mph so why not just raise it to what the were driving and save a lot of hassle.  But, the study shows, people will always go a little faster than the posted limit.

Back in the 1970s, when Jimmy Carter was president, the speed limit was lowered to 55 mph. States like Wyoming argued that, with some much open land and long straight highways, no one would follow a speed limit that low. The federal government forced Wyoming's hand by threatening to take away federal highway funding if the state did not comply. So, the speed limit in Wyoming was lowered to 55.

But there was an unspoken rule that came with it: If Wyoming police saw a Wyoming licensed car driving faster than 55 mph they would not give chase. As long as the driver was not driving recklessly. This little, unwritten, rule was never mentioned to the feds.

So what about you? How fast do you really drive? The poll below is anonymous.



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