A good portion of Wyoming just got a lot of snow. At some point, as we watch it pile up outside, we all begin to wonder about how much is on the roof.

Did you find yourself listing, quietly, for any creaking noises? Let's take a look at the average home roof and how much weight it can take.

The short answer is, most roofs are built to withstand 20 pounds per square foot of snow. Usually, snow spreads out enough so even out the weight.

But that brings us to the next question, how much snow is on your roof? It's fine to know how much a roof can take, but then you might want to figure out if the limit has been exceeded. Figuring this out will involve math... Sorry.

Remember Bob Vila? His website has the formula.

Ten inches of fresh snow equates to about five pounds per square foot, which means your roof likely can support four feet of fresh snow. That means the snow on your roof would have to be really - really - really - really high to start causing a problem.

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Okay, fine, but what if you live in an older home?

Look inside for those problems. Up in the attic take your time and examine the rafters for any noticeable bends or cracks. That is where you'll easily see problems. Also look for old, rotting wood and termites. If anything makes you go "hmmm" it would be a good idea to call in an expert.

In northern states like Wyoming, I prefer a steeper pitched roof, if I was going to buy or build. Snow tends to slide off much sooner. Make that steep pitch s metal roof and it never has a chance to gather.

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