In order to get to the radio studio this morning I had to leave home at about 1:20am. You can imagine what the roads looked like...

I was wondering if I was going to make it but then 3 snow plows pulled out in front of me to lead the way.

If you were thinking I was crazy for leaving for work at 1:20am, imagine these guys who have been up all night, clearing the path.

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I followed them as long as I could. But then the last plow in the line got stuck. That had me worried. If the last of the 3 plows could get stuck what were my chances? He managed to rock himself free and I continued on as they turned away. The main arteries into downtown had been worked over several times that night. At that point I know I would make it.

I passed a police car along the way. He was taking a big risk, patrolling in the middle of the night. But somebody needed to be out here doing it and I was glad to see him, just in case I got stuck along the way.

I could see the fire station as I pulled into the best place I could find to park. The folks in that building and many other first responders had been up and at it through this entire snow event, while the rest of us were snug in our homes.

The power was still on at the station, thanks to those who worked through the middle of yesterday's storm to keep it running. I tried to imagine how hard it must be to service a pole full of ice over power lines in the middle of a blizzard. Not many are though enough.

There is no way to thank these people enough for all they do for us. But if you manage to see one, stop them and thank them. Maybe pick up the tab if you see them at a restaurant or chip in for their groceries.

Just let them know that their hard work and sacrifice is more than appreciated.


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