I've always been sort of a drifter and a spur of the moment type guy. I've lived all over the US trying to find that one spot that I wanted to call home, until I moved to Wyoming, I hadn't found that spot yet. Taking a road trip is one way of finding those great locations where you want to be and traveling around Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana when I was younger is when my love for the West was developed.

Before moving to Wyoming I often would point my trusty F150 in the direction of Cheyenne, then on to the western part of Wyoming, to the north and eventually turning back east over the Big Horns and stopping in the Black Hills before heading back home. Now that I live here, the road trips aren't nearly as long and hard as they used to be. What was 14 hours is now only a couple hours, but the excitement level is still the same.

When life is really busy, that seems to be when I want/need a road trip, so that's what I do. Hop in the same trusty F150 and point him in the direction of a destination and away I go. This time the Gray Ghost (my F150...every vehicle needs a name) and I headed to Deadwood, SD to blow off some steam and get that much needed breather from real life. Casino's, Saloons, Steak Houses, Deadwood Tobacco Company, Hotels and Great Entertainment all within a few blocks.

If you haven't made the trip there in a while or ever, I recommend it. Driving through the Black Hills on US-85 from Lusk, WY to Deadwood, SD gives you lots of time to think and take in the sights. It's an easy drive and worth your time! You'll see lots of wildlife to keep your eyes peeled. Looking at the number of Wyoming license plates, many of you enjoy that trip too.

My first tip for anyone heading out on a road trip this time of year is to pack for all occasions. You may have snow in the higher elevations and warmer conditions other areas. There are many options later in the season for winter sports too.

Since you're on a road trip, I encourage you to stay on the road and check out Sturgis and Spearfish Canyon on US-14A. This 20 mile drive is really fantastic and worth the time. There's even a filming location for the final scene of the 1990 Kevin Costner movie 'Dances With Wolves' near the Spearfish Lodge Canyon Resort, pretty cool to see.

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