As a (most of my) life-long professional wrestling fan, Hulk Hogan has always been an anomaly to me. The height of Hulkamania was a bit before my time, but I did experience the nWo "Hollywood" version of Hulk Hogan, as well as the Hogan that returned to his "home," the WWE, in 2002. I watched as Hogan took on fellow megastar The Rock at Wrestlemania 18 and won the crowd over, ushering in a way of nostalgia that gave birth to the final curtain call of Hulkamania.

I also watched his reality show, his numerous other "comebacks," the tragedy involving his son and John Graziano, and his divorce. Recently, Hulk Hogan has tried to stay out of the limelight and focus on what he should be focusing on, his wrestling career. Or lackthereof. Hogan currently stars in TNA wrestling, and is also the host of a wrestling show involving little people. Yet it seems that as soon as Hogan pulls ahead and sticks to what he's good at, some other personal drama rears it's ugly head. This time, Hogan is accused of being involved in a sex tape.

According to TMZ, a video has surfaced that includes Hogan and a brunette(totally not his type, btw), about to run wild, no pun intended. TMZ claims they have seen a portion of the video, which includes Hogan taking off his shirt and bragging that he "started to work out again."

When reached for comment about the video, Hogan's lawyer had this to say: "Terry Bollea is appalled at the unauthorized release of a secretly filmed video," Houston said.

"[Hulk] neither approved of the filming nor the release of the same. It is clearly an outrageous invasion of privacy and breach of trust if it is genuine.  We will take all necessary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability.”

Whatcha gonna do brother, when sextapeamania runs wild on you??


...Okay, bad joke.