Television is always best enjoyed in a group. Sadly, most of us are losers who watch TV alone BUT social media allows us losers to watch our favorite shows with a large group of other losers (kinda) via Twitter hashtags.

The concept is simple and all over the damn television — a show puts a hashtag in the corner of the screen so that people watching can tweet it and find other people watching and tweeting and isn’t the world soooooo wonderful that we can all get together via social media and UGGHHHH we want to hug everyone and buy them a Coke!!! [SQUEEEAAAALLLL]

Most shows go the simple and boring route with a hashtag that is usually just the name of the show. Note the screencap above of the peacock man singing from the show American Idol (Yeah, that show is still on, we had no idea either.)  Hashtags should be a little more interesting for this reason — instead of connecting people already watching the show why not try to attract people on Twitter not watching the show. Isn’t that what TV shows want? New viewers tuning in?

So, instead of the typical hashtags, here are some suggested hashtags for popular TV shows that not only explain a little about the show but might get more people to tune in.

Shark Tank



The Bachelor


Boardwalk Empire



Keeping Up With The Kardashians



Gossip Girl


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