We are living in the digital age. More television and movie streaming services are available than ever before and even more options are available for streaming music. Retail stores like Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart either have already (or are planning to in the immediate future) drastically reduce their in-store music and movie selections. For example, the Eastridge Mall Best Buy location has already reduced their Blu-ray and DVD section 85% and almost completely done away with their CD area.

Where as I have pretty much embraced the digital music era (I have Apple Music and I love it), I'm not ready to give up my hard copies of my movies just yet. Yes, almost every new purchase comes with those lovely UltraViolet cloud-based downloads for free, which are convenient, something inside me just fears Skynet will eventually rise up against human kind.

Yes, too many Terminator movies, a sci-fi addiction and a healthy imagination is most likely to blame for me not wanting to go all digital with my music and movies, but maybe I'm just old school.

So the question is:

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