Did you ever watch the TV show Friends? During one of the seasons, Ross had a pet monkey, Marcel. Eventually, the authorities in Manhattan made him get rid of the primate as it was not legal. But what would happen in Wyoming?

Wyoming laws are often lax when it comes to government oversight. For the most part, they Cowboy State dislikes outsiders telling them what they can and cannot do. When it comes to exotic animals, what creatures are allowed to become domesticated animals? Specifically are bears, tigers, or monkeys kosher to keep around the house?

In an article published by Business Insider, they went state by state to find where you could, for example, keep domesticated tigers. If your dreams or aspirations are to be the next Siegfried and Roy, you may have to relocate to Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, South Carolina, or North Carolina. There are a few other states that allow large cats with a permit, but Wyoming is not one of them.

What about bears? Can you have a pet bear in the state of Wyoming? Why anyone would want such a large apex predator as a pet is beyond me, but for argument's sake is it legal? Not here in Wyoming, although the same states where you can have a pet tiger, you can also get a pet bear.

Ok, what about getting a pet monkey? Primates require a lot of room to roam and need social interaction (no Facebook doesn't count.) But with the right permit, it is legal to have a pet Monkey in the Cowboy State. So your dream of owning a tribe of monkeys is a possibility. It might not be feasible ... or sane ... but it is legal.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. These are dangerous animals. If you try to domesticate or purchase these critters, they will most likely bite your face off. We warned you.


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