A co-conspirator in an assault that occurred off of Bryan Stock Trail at what is known as "the duck pond" was sentenced to The Youthful Offender Program -- also known as Boot Camp -- by Natrona County District Court Judge Josh Eames this morning.

Dallas Muller, 21, was sentenced on a charge of aggravated assault and battery, a felony carrying a punishment up to 10 years in prison.

Muller and his co-conspirators are collectively responsible for paying a restitution of $14,999.99 to the Division of Victims Services.

The case began on July 20, 2022 when Casper Police were called to Bryan Stock Trail for a reported traumatic injury. They were advised that the victim's left hand was fractured, with a bone protruding from the palm. The victim also suffered a strike to the back.

During the investigation, police say two women, Trysta Creamer and Rae Cobert, lured the victim to the duck pond. Using the code-word "pineapple" Dallas Mullard and co-conspirator Isaiah Williams emerged from the bushes in masks and attacked him with a golf club and baseball bat.

In today's sentencing hearing, Public Defender Tim Cotton argued strongly against a prison sentence before the final judgement, pointing out that despite Dallas' "strapping" appearance, he suffers from a significant cognitive delay. Cotton presented the judge with a letter from Dallas' psychologist to show that his mental impairment may have played a role in the assault.

Dallas' father spoke on his behalf, taking responsibility for the violent crime that happened, stating that he was the one to blame for not getting his son the help he needed sooner. He asked the judge for mercy, reasoning that if his son was sent to prison, he would never see him again -- Muller would either be talked into something worse or end up dead.

"I've sentenced people to life in prison and I didn't blink an eye," stated Judge Josh Eames. "But these are the most difficult cases."

Eames went over the mitigating factors, noting Muller's young age, expression of remorse, and cognitive delay; on the other hand, significant planning went into the attack, and months earlier, Muller had fired a gun in a motel room.

Eames said that he believes the youthful offender program -- boot camp -- was made for cases like these." Muller is to serve three to five years with the stipulation that he successfully complete the program.

"I wish you good luck," said Eames before he remanded Muller into the custody of the Natrona County Sheriffs Office.


Isaiah Williams has not been sentenced yet.

Trysta Creamer was sentenced to 180 days in prison, suspended in lieu of six months probation. She has since revoked her probation when officers found fentanyl in the presence of a four-year-old child at her residence during a home check. This is a charge of child endangerment, punishable by no more than five years imprisonment.

Rae Cobert was sentenced to four to six years, suspended, with three years of supervised probation.

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