Denver’s 16th Street Mall Too Violent? [POLL]
You shouldn’t have to take brass knuckles, a knife or a gun to walk down Denver, Colorado’s 16th Street Mall, but I wouldn’t want to go there without something at night or even in the middle of the day. Violence on the mall has been captured on recent …
How Violent Is Wyoming?
Check out this list of America's most violent and peaceful states.
Louisiana is the most violent, and Vermont is the most peaceful. Wyoming is mid- pack, just behind New Jersey, and they have Tony Soprano.
BTW: Is there a better theme song, ever, than The Sopranos...
A Look At President Obama’s Gun Control Measures
WASHINGTON (AP) — Proposals for curbing gun violence announced Wednesday by President Barack Obama:
— Requiring background checks on all gun sales. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says 40 percent of gun sales are conducted with no criminal background …