You shouldn’t have to take brass knuckles, a knife or a gun to walk down Denver, Colorado’s 16th Street Mall, but I wouldn’t want to go there without something at night or even in the middle of the day. Violence on the mall has been captured on recent video and shown on

They will be adding additional officers to patrol the area, but “travelers,” or panhandlers, roam in packs and are getting more aggressive all of the time. One assault occurred in the middle of the day when a man was leaving work.

IMHO: Some of the people attracted to Colorado, particularly in this post marijuana legalization era, are in part, unsavory "Travelers" looking for a free ride. While I won't get into politics, I think things have changed and not for the better there.

Back in the day, before I moved to Wyoming, I worked in the downtown Tabor Center on that mall and I loved direct access to the shops, restaurants and bars along that street. I also still have family in Denver, but I wouldn’t take anyone downtown now, except some of my beefier, defensive able friends.

What's your opinion, would you go there or not?


It's not just guys...


And thank God for officers with restraint. Cue in to about 8:40 on this video where the guy gets blasted in the head with something, maybe pepperball or tear gas.....

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