Hitting the bar after work or on weekends isn't a new activity or lifestyle. At some point, most of us have sat on a bar stool and acted like a darn fool.

Drinking establishments have existed for thousands of years. Just because they're there and you've spent lots of time in one doesn't mean you know the rules. A few years ago, a list of 17 unwritten rules for drinking at a bar was published to give you a heads-up on bar etiquette.

It's a good idea to be reminded of how to act when you're bellied up to the bar of your favorite establishment from time to time.

Here are the Top 10 from that list.

  1. Tip the bartender - Their take-home pay depends on you tipping them. If you're ordering a beer and they twist off the cap, that deserves a tip. Not only is it good practice, but it'll also make your experience better.
  2. Nothing on the bartender's side of the bar should interest you - If you need a napkin out of the napkin holder, ask. If you would like a straw, ask. If you need an extra olive, ask. Think of a forcefield there that doesn't allow your hands through.
  3. Don't crowd strangers at a bar - If plenty of seats are available, there's no need to crowd someone.
  4. Don't complain about drink prices - It's not the bartender or waitress that sets the prices, so either complain to the bar owner or go somewhere else.
  5. If you're playing the Jukebox, play to the crowd - Reading the room will make the experience better for everyone. Playing hip-hop in a country bar or 50s swing in a biker bar probably aren't the best choices.
  6. Constantly hitting on the bartender isn't cool - Just because someone is nice to you doesn't mean they're into you. There's a good chance they're there to do their job and go home to their family.
  7. There's no need to rip up anything that's paper at the bar - shredding coasters, napkins, or beer labels isn't necessary. However, it's a pain for the staff because cleaning up the mess takes time and focus from their other tasks.
  8. The bathroom isn't yours, treat it that way - We have all been into some nasty bathrooms, but that doesn't mean you should add to the displeasure. It would be best to leave the bathroom better than you found it. Remember to flush the toilet and throw away your paper towels.
  9. If it's crowded, know your order - If you're checking out the drink menu or beer list, know that everyone else at the bar is thirsty, too. Know what you want and keep the hard questions to a minimum. If it's just you and the bartender, ask away; I'm sure they'll happily answer.
  10. Turn the phone on silent and walk outside to talk - If someone is in a bar, they are trying to get away from their phones and surely don't want to hear yours. No one wants to listen to what you're supposed to grab at the grocery store or what Bill at the office did at lunch. If you need to take the call, go outside or to the bathroom.

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