Wyoming has a little piece of every part of the country. So yes, we do have great trails to hike and places to camp. But who could have guessed that we have something that only coastal states have? That's right. Break out the surfboards we are going to catch some waves.

By the way, this is actually the second time that someone has caught a video of someone surfing on the rivers in Jackson and in other parts of Wyoming. All I have to say is it's pretty darn impressive to surf in/on a river.

We all know that Jackson is the California of Wyoming and this video is just one more piece of proof of that. It looks like fun but let's be honest we have enough outdoor things to do in Wyoming we don't really need surfing.

I know that the guy disappeared at the end of the video and didn't resurface so I'm hoping that nothing bad happened and he surfaced further down the river.

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