A Natrona County man is accused of taking a woman by knife point against her will.

Twenty three year old Jareb Stewart has been arrested on recommended charges of kidnapping, felonious restraint, aggravated assault and interference with a peace officer.

Investigators with the Evansville Police Department say at around 4am on Thursday, April 28th, a call came in regarding a disturbance on the 200 block of Lathrop Road, and they later learned about the kidnapping.

Through interviews, police say Stewart, the victim and a witness, were in the witness' vehicle, when Stewart pulled a knife and began making threats of violence towards the other two.

Stewart then forced the victim out of the vehicle, put her in a choke-hold, and drug her towards a trailer, while the witness escaped.

He then took her into the bedroom and zip tied her hands behind her back and sat her in a chair, and hit her in the head with his rings, opening a gash on the victim's head.

Police later found the two, and when questioned, Stewart provided a false name.

The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Investigators observed a gash in the victim's head and saw red marks on the victim's wrists, which appeared to be cause by hand restraints.

A motive for the kidnapping has either not been determined or revealed.

Stewart's bond has been set at $100,000.

He is awaiting an initial hearing to hear the official charges against him, that will be determined by prosecutors.

According to Wyoming Statute, if a defendant charged with kidnapping does not voluntarily release the victim unharmed and in a safe place, then the punishment would be between 20 years to life in prison.

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