On my recent trip back to 'Bama,' I hooked up with my life-long friend Roger Deffenbaugh for a trip down memory lane.

Mt. Cheaha State Park, the highest point in Alabama, standing majestically 2,407 feet above sea level. We ventured out to "Bald Rock," which  is "much easier" to traverse  with the walking path that's been put into place.

Roger Deffenbaugh
Roger Deffenbaugh

I was surprised to find the views in to the valley are now gone. After the fourth time of making the statement..."used to be I could see the valley from here," Roger reminded me in his cool smooth way, "fool you haven't been here in over thirty years, did you think to trees wouldn't grow?" Point well taken.

If you find yourself in Northeast Alabama, it's a must that you carve out some time to explore one of mine and many others favorite places in ole sweet home.