It has been a great run, but it looks like eccentric billionaire and musician, Kanye West, is putting Wyoming in his rearview mirror.

Yesterday (October 11th, 2021), Cody Enterprise reported that the rapper had put his Cody ranch, nicknamed West Lake Ranch, up for sale. This news is coming less than a month after it was reported that West had put multiple commercial properties for sale. The seven properties are being listed at 3.2 million dollars.

The West Lake Ranch property (now being called by its original name, Monster Lake Ranch) is being listed at 11 million dollars. When Ye first purchased the 3,885 acres of land, located just south of the Cody city limits back in September of 2019, it was originally listed at over 13 million dollars, although it is unclear how much he actually paid. The property includes a lodge, equipment sheds, equine facility, corrals, a professional-style go-kart track (which he installed after the move) and what have been described as Star Wars-like huts.

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If you need more convincing that Ye is more than likely leaving Wyoming for good, People Magazine reported last month (September 21st, 2021), that the fashion mogul purchased a beachfront Malibu property for nearly 60 million dollars.

There is some hope though. West does still own one Wyoming ranch (for now), the Bighorn Mountain Ranch, located in the Greybull area, which is about 80 miles from both Cody and Sheridan. He originally purchased this property back in November of 2019 for just under 15 million dollars.

Kanye recorded two different music videos during approximately his first year in the Cowboy State, shot on his West Lake Ranch property in Cody: Follow God and Closed On Sunday, off his Christian Hip-Hop album, Jesus Is King. You can see both of those below.

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