It has been an interesting couple of weeks for Kanye West (or technically "Ye", as he has legally changed his name).

Fresh off the break-up of his month long relationship with model turned actress, Julia Fox, Ye has been very active on his official Instagram account as of late. It hasn't been all good either. There have been several borderline harassing posts, to both his ex, Kim Kardashian and her new beau, comedian Pete Davidson.

Although much of said IG posts have since been deleted, one photo of him holding up a notepad, reassuring the masses that all the posts were indeed him and not some sort of hack, that pic has been turned into a meme quite a few times.

The most comical one comes from Casper's celebrity transplant, Jeffree Star, who posted a version along with a caption that read:

But I said it was over... ugh

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While this was all done in jest (Star revealed in a video last year, there was never anything going on romantically with West), one keen-eyed fan noticed a striking resemblance between Jeffree and Ye's former "boo thang", Julia Fox.  

The fan, whose Twitter handle is Isabelle, posted a side-by-side photo of Fox and Star with a caption that read: I'm not saying he's not over you but...

The original pic has been removed (more than likely taken down by Ye himself), but once something is shared on social media, especially by a celebrity of his caliber, it will always live on somewhere.

Case in point, pop culture Twitter account, Pop Base, managed to get a screenshot of the original Instagram photo unaltered. Along with the photos, Pop Base captioned it:

Kanye West shares photos as proof that his account is not hacked.

Kanye is a billion, so more than likely (or at least hopefully), he has a good since of humor. At this point, he should.

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