What is it about the state of Wyoming that keeps attracting celebrities? Maybe with the advent of social media, it's just impossible to keep how great it is here a secret.

Jeffree Star definitely knows and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Earlier today (Wednesday, September 21st, 2022), he posted a new video to his official Instagram account talking about being a permanent Wyoming resident (whilst holding a Casper, Wyoming cup), his skin care regimen and his return to TikTok, where he also shared the identical video. He captioned the short video with a message that read:

LIFE… and FACE UPDATE!!! 💉❌ I’ve been getting asked so many questions about how I’ve been looking lately, so I wanted to sit down for a minute and chat!! 💖 Thank you for all the continuous love, can’t wait for you guys to see this next chapter. #jeffreestar #natural #makeup #beauty #jeffreestarskin

A few day priors, he also shared an awesome video showcasing his brand new GMC Hummer EV, complete with the personalized Wyoming license plates, and of course, while rocking a stylish pink outfit. As someone who has been not-so-patiently awaiting the commercial release of the new electric Hummer for the past year and half (they won't be readily available to the general public until August 2023), I was slightly envious he got one already. If you haven't had the pleasure to see the vehicle up close, it's a beautiful beast for sure.

Considering his near fatal car accidental last winter, the Hummer EV is probably the better option for winter driving in the Cowboy State in comparison to his assortment of exotics and sports cars.

Although Jeffree's been an official Casper (and Wyoming) resident for over a year, now that he's sold his Hidden Hills, California mansion, there's no going back. You are now one of us!

Jeffree Star's Hidden Hills Mansion

Jeffree Star's Mansion in Hidden Hills California

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