Social media influencer Jeffree Starr has a yak ranch in Wyoming and has a 'love' for shooting, according to Insider.

This past August (2021), Star made the move from California to Wyoming and recently spoke with popular YouTube star Logan Paul on an episode of Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast. Star revealed on the podcast that he has 'about 100 guns' on his Wyoming property.

Star is widely well known for posting on social media about beauty tips and makeup. However, he had some choice words to say when the subject of his firearms was approached:

Wyoming is cool. You get pulled over and you can have a gun on your seat with the silencer, and that's normal...I love shooting...I just love so many different things. I think everyone's so used to how in the beauty world you're just this one type of person.

Early on in the interview, the social media influencer added in how he would address the situation if someone broke into his Wyoming home, "I have a few restraining orders against people but I'm waiting for someone to trespass, I'm down."

Back in 2018, the Wyoming legislature passed a 'stand your ground' bill. This particular bill makes it legal to use 'deadly force' against intruders while in your own home in the Cowboy State. This, according to Wyoming's Legislative Service Office. Although this has since been adopted as a 'Castle Doctrine' in 22 other states, it remains to be a controversial law.

Star also posted for his viewers about his gun ownership on YouTube. He has also had a custom pink pistol manufactured specifically for him by the gun company, Beretta.

Beretta also posted the custom made piece on their social media as well...

Regardless of his online 'controversies', you can see that Jeffree Star is definitely proud of his gun collection. Since moving to Wyoming, his love for guns is definitely a way for him to fit in.

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