Congratulations to the Laramie High School Class of 2016 for staging an epic senior prank, putting the school up for sale on the Wyoming Craigslist Page.

It gets better. According to their advertisement, the school is listed for only $2.

Here's a few tidbits from their description of the property:

•Free Wi-fi that works in about three rooms and can only access sites such as Wifi will also not work after 8 p.m.
•State of the art modulars that could easily be placed in a trailer park
•Asbestos that may fall from the ceiling at any time
•A cooling/heating system that will either not work at all, or will make the entire school boiling hot
•Chemistry labs that are labeled unsafe and therefore have limited availability to experiments
•Scenic views of small houses that may or may not contain meth labs surrounding the school
•A class of 2016 that set the bar too high for every other class

Nicely done, Laramie High.

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