Laramie pop-punk band scored a great success with their first music video finding it's way going viral, amazing over 100,000 views within five days of it's release. This comes shortly after the band signing with California record label, We Are Triumphant.

Made up of Laramie natives and University of Wyoming students, Patrick Gilchrist, Nick Hudson, Ed Ma and Noah Hammontree, Not My Weekend, with a sound that calls back to mid 2000s pop-punk and an energetic and playful sound, released their debut single on July 13th, and within days, the video had received near viral status on YouTube as well as Facebook Video.

Lead Singer, Gilchrist says that the success floored them. "It's doing really, really well. We are all floored. This is insane. This is 100 times more plays than we've ever had on anything."

Gilchrist goes on to explain how the song and eventual music video came to be. "The song's called When You're Around, I wrote it almost a year and a half ago now, it's just about a girl I like a whole lot," he goes on to explain how the song was recorded in a studio in Portland, Oregon, before being shopped around to as many radio station, labels, and people he could find. "To this day it's my favorite song that I've ever written. The music video we shot with a guy named Thomas Helvenstine in Denver, Colorado, and we just wanted it to be really bright, playful and colorful and that's what we want our band to be too, so we're really glad that it came together."

"I started the band in 2012, my sophomore year of high school. I'd wanted to start one since I was in seventh grade, but none of us had cars, so we could never meet up and our mothers wouldn't drive us around," he says, explaining how the band came together in 2012, after he and his friends had turned 16 and were able to drive on their own. "Our first show was actually at the Gryphon."

The band still maintains their Laramie roots, even with their new national success. "I've played every venue you could possibly play in Laramie," Gilchrist says, "we feel really fortunate to have started out here and to have fostered a community here because it's where all of our best friends are."

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