A new round of Lay's potato chip flavors are here to make America tasty again!

Do you have a trigger food? You know, the food that once you start eating it you can't stop? For me that's just food in general, but I also know that chips don't last long in my house. The way I consume chips could seriously send me to the finals with a Golden Ticket on America's Got Talent...

Which is why I have to watch myself around Lay's new round of flavors.

Lay's has released a Taste of America line and Wyoming is included... somewhat. Of the eight flavors, Lay's chose Chile Con Queso and credited it with a "Texoma, Mountain, Southern California" origin. We can only imagine that those mountains include Wyoming. Not that we wouldn't devour Chile Con Queso, but we're more of a CHILI con queso. Right?

Other flavors and their origin include:

Cajun Spice - Central Gulf
Deep Dish Pizza - Heatland and Mid-America
Fried Pickles & Ranch - Midwest
Pimento Cheese - Southeast
New England Lobster Roll - Northeast
Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice - Mid-Atlantic
Thai Sweet Chili - Pacific Northwest

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