It's been nearly 30 years since Lisa Barber won an MTV contest that brought Prince to her hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. It's a night she'll never forget.

Following Prince's tragic death last week, Barber told People that her date with the pop star was "the best night of my life".

In the article, Barber, recalled the evening, July 1, 1986, when Prince arrived at her house, jumped over the fence, knocked on the door and simply said, "Hello, my name is Prince. Ready to have a good time?"

According to Barber, Prince was a perfect gentlemen.

"I was so nervous, but he told jokes in the car while he drove us to the movie theater, and I could tell he was doing his best to help me relax," Barber told People. "It was such a huge deal – cameras were flashing everywhere. That night was the biggest thing to ever happen in Sheridan."

Barber and Prince sat together in the back row at the at the Centennial Theater, where they watched the premiere of his movie "Under the Cherry Moon."

Later that evening, Prince borrowed her pearls before his performance at the Holiday Inn, which Barber introduced live to a nationwide television audience. Although Prince kept her pearls, he gave Barber his gold necklace and earrings after the show.

Weeks later, Prince invited Barber to his concert in Denver, where he left her a backstage pass and 13 red roses.

Barber still has the necklace and earrings, along with the dress she wore that night and a picture with Prince that she keeps in her house.

When she heard of his death last week, the memories of that night came flooding back, which also brought tears and fondness.

Nearly three decades later, Barber still lives in the same house where Prince picked her up that evening. She is known as the girl who brought Prince to Wyoming. 

She recently told the Sheridan Press that he was a great artist that many of us fans will miss. And we will...



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