That's right. They still release new games for the old 8-bit Nintendo (NES) and, after years of work, the people at KHAN games released what's arguably the most controversial game of all time - Leisure Suit Larry!

The games released to play on old Nintendo systems are made by fans for fans, but the quality is all there.

Now, this game is intended for adult audiences only. It deals with things like gambling, alcohol, 'ladies of the night' and much, much more.

The idea in this game is you play the role of Larry, a hopeless romantic looking for love. You have to guide him on the right path, say the right things and do the right things to make this happen. Not an easy task, both in this game and in real life. Good luck! You and Larry are both going to need it.

Help! It's Larry's 40th birthday and he has still yet to find the loving touch of a woman. Can you help guide him through the twists and turns of Lost Wages in search of true love? Or at least a fleeting romantic fling? Larry will take what he can get at this point!

I just think it's cool that new Nintendo games are being released. The NES is my favorite video game system of all time so the fact there are new games to play blows my mind. It would be like if you loved the View Master more than anything and to find out they still release new View Master reels. It's on that level for me.

I grabbed mine at the same price that Nintendo games were back in the 80s. I'm looking forward to what else is coming out in the future.

Leisure Suit Larry is here!

Preview (Warning: Adult Themes)