Here in Casper, we have some world class musicians. In an effort to bring their skills to the masses, we've started a new concert series: "Live At Tee Roy's Desk".

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell would you have them play at your desk when you're surrounded by studios?"

We thought it would be a pretty cool concept. Bring in a musician, sit them in an office setting, and let them do their thing. This week, we feature one of Casper's best showmen, Chad Lore.

Chad Lore

Always quick with a joke, and never one to back away from a good time, Chad Lore is a one-man wrecking crew that has turned Casper upside down over the years with his entertaining style. A man that literally fits any function, Chad has been around the world playin' his tunes, but his heart (and home) are in Casper. He represented Wyoming at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January of 2014, he plays non-stop around town, and he actually makes his living as a full time musician playing places like the Wonder Bar (Wednesday's) and Poor Boys (Thursdays) weekly, as well as every other establishment that hosts live music. How is that possible, you ask? My guess is, he's not too fond of money...but he is one of the best acts to come out of Casper, and we are extremely lucky he does what he does.


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