Following a brief scare at Casper College Monday, the Casper Police Department has announced that bread found on campus that originally tested presumptive positive for LSD did not actually contain the drug.

According to a report yesterday, issued by Casper College, bread had been found in a student's car that tested presumptive positive for the drug LSD in a field test. However, Sgt. Jim Wetzel of the Casper Police Department says that the test was a false positive.

"There was a presumptive positive, when the tested the bread, for LSD," Says Sgt. Wetzel.  "It is a presumptive positive, not a laboratory positive.  You'll occasionally get a false-positive on things, particularly when you have a thing like bread, that has a lot of ingredients.  You don't know how that will react with the test chemicals."

Sgt. Wetzel goes on to say that a member of the community did come forward after news broke about the suspicious bread on Monday.  He says that the person said that they had baked the bread for an individual and mistakenly delivered the bread to the wrong vehicle.

Casper College spokesperson, Rich Fujita says he believes things played out well on the College's end, despite the incident developing into a non-issue.  "It might be frustrating for some people  to get warning when it turns out when there actually is no risk.  But in all of those events it's important for us to let students know there might be a danger," says Fujita.  "The worst case scenario is that we say nothing and it turns out there is a risk, meanwhile somebody has been injured while we try to determine the veracity or the accuracy of the report."

Casper College had sent out warnings about the incident, Monday, via e-mail and other electronic communication.

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