Yikes!  I've never been afraid to make a sandwich before, but I plan to compile my lunch with more caution from now on.  Is this for real?

A Reddit user posted this photo of what appears and claims to be an entire snake baked into a loaf of bread.

"My aunt found a WHOLE SNAKE in a loaf of bread."

I definitely enjoy bread, and I most definitely no not enjoy snakes.  The loaf of bread in question has been confirmed as Mrs. Baird's Bread, a brand popular in Texas and surrounding states.  In response to the claim Mrs. Baird's released this official statement:

Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries has a 105-year history of baking the highest quality, freshest products for consumers. This includes responding to consumer questions in a timely manner. Our customer service team has tried repeatedly to identify the consumer who goes by the Reddit screen name “humanimalcracker” to obtain a sample of the product for analysis. According to Marshall Maddox, Vice President of Manufacturing Services, the questionable area of the bread in the picture is most likely burned, residual dough that was baked into the loaf. While this is a rare occurrence, it is not uncommon for consumers to mistake the burned dough for a foreign object. We ask that the individual who posted the picture contact us at 800-984-0989 so we can arrange for an independent laboratory to examine the material in question.

How would you react if you found this?

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