Cory Bauer is a lifelong resident of Wyoming. He's a '91 graduate from Kelly Walsh High School and he's also been a good friend of mine for the past 13 years. Cory is gifted with the patience it takes to be successful at fishing. When his nickname is 'Fishin' Hippy,' it's no wonder he's so good at his craft. I know you're thinking, "Wow, that's deep!" If you knew Cory the way I do, it's easy to know (see) the love he has in being in the water. He loves to fish the rivers of Wyoming, especially the North Platte here in his backyard! Glendo is another place Cory loves to cast a line, as is Boysen Reservoir, Alcova, Pathfinder, Ocean Lake, and Bass Lake. Some of his favorite spots on the Platte include: Gray Reef, Lusbys, below the Alcova Power Plant, Government Bridge, Narrows, and all through town!  Of course another favorite spot is Fremont Canyon. Can't forget about the Canyon!

Cory credits his Grandmother for giving him the love of fishing, and he's adamant about stewardship of our wonderful wild places. He says,  "Leave your site cleaner than when you arrived, respect the environment and harvest with an etiquette!"

Cory can be found honing his skills year round, of which he says, "Anytime I can go. Sometimes it's four or five times a week!" When he can't get out, he has  video games to suppress the urge.  Cory loves to share his knowledge and love with others. When I asked him about a partner, he replied, "There's nothing like the smile on another person's face (kids) when they catch and release a big trout!"

He does share time with with the lady of his life, Tambra, when it comes to his hobby. They both say spending time together fishing helps their relationship and Cory finds solitude and peace.

The Hippy's preference is spinner fishing, he specializes in tube jigs and swim baits.  My hope is through Cory's tips I can learn to be a better fisherman. It's gonna be a good summer with some crazy tales to come, and I hope everyone will enjoy the ride!