On Monday, September 14, Morad Park and the lower pathway through the park will close for construction. The new pathway along the perimeter of the park will remain open, and all dogs on the pathway will be required to be on leash until the park reopens

City Manager John Patterson explains

The long awaited in-river construction will happen this fall, This is a major construction project with a very short construction timeline, there will be up to three excavators in the river at once and trucks hauling material in and out of the park. Safety of all park users, including our four-legged ones, is paramount.”

The Platte River Revival, well-known for its Volunteer Day occurring this year on September 26, is a river restoration project for the North Platte River.

Bank erosion abatement, water quality improvement, and habitat improvement were some of the river restoration benefits. Rock structures built in the river to direct water to the middle of the channel, woody debris structures built into the river banks and wetlands built to filter storm water from outfalls are some of the features at the Morad Park site. The banks will be re-vegetated in the spring. The expectation is that the park will reopen and all leash restrictions will be lifted in late December.

In the meantime the only off leash area will be Lake McKenzie.