I have found a new perspective on the Alcova Dam that you don't often see - from the air. A new drone video shows the dam and recent construction around the dam.

Jeremy Thies obviously has some mad drone flying skills and shared what's up (literally) at the Alcova Dam.

As WyoHistory.org states, Alcova Dam was originally completed back in 1937. As Wyoming News Now shared, this is the planned construction that was scheduled on the dam after this year's irrigation season ended. That means lowering of the reservoir while work is done which is expected to be back at normal levels in January of 2021.

What you may not know is that the town of Alcova was planned as a health resort back in the 1890's. WyoHistory confirmed that never really happened, but the dam was still authorized eventually by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Just the same, the Alcova Dam is a vital part of the growth of Wyoming and renovations to make sure it's good for many more decades is a good thing. Thanks to Jeremy for his video share of how the work is going so far.

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