Nathan Fielder is a comedian with a Comedy Central show called "Nathan For You" where he just messes with people.  And he's started taking his pranks online . . . with glorious results.

Back in April, he proposed a prank where people would text their parents, quote, "got 2 grams for $40" . . . then quickly text, quote, "sorry, ignore that text."  People did it, and posted screenshots of their parents FREAKING OUT in response.



And now he's pushing another text prank that might cause even more trouble.  For this one, you text the person you're dating, quote, "I haven't been fully honest with you."  Then you don't reply to any of their responses for an HOUR.



People have been posting screenshots, and clearly, in that hour of silence, the other person LOSES THEIR MIND.  First they usually say "Why aren't you saying anything?"  Then their minds start RUNNING WILD with theories.