Marco Di Lauro, Getty Images
Marco Di Lauro, Getty Images

Evidently, a good number of people, and especially teenagers, still think it can’t happen to them. Accidents happen to others, besides, they have to see and respond to that latest text. Texts are one of the main ways they communicate, it’ll just take a second.

Have a talk with them, use these facts from a new survey by State Farm, it reveals that 44% of teens text and drive.


Other findings:

- 51% of teens are concerned about crashing while texting and driving

- 50% of teens are concerned about getting caught by the police while texting and driving.

- 33% of teens are concerned about arriving safely at their destination while texting and driving.

- 23% of teens know someone who crashed while texting and driving.

- 13% of teens are worried about being caught texting and driving by their parents.

- 79% of teens say their GPS system distracts them while driving.

- 29% of teens say reading social media accounts distracts them while they are driving.

- 27% of teens say taking pictures while driving distracts them