It was Wyoming that led the way on the "Food Freedom Act." Other states saw what we did and followed with similar laws.

Want to buy fresh eggs or raw milk from your local farmer up the road? Go do it. Wyoming led the way in allowing free people to make their own decision in what they choose to consume.

July 1st, Wyoming raised that bar even higher when the new amendment (HB 84) to the food freedom law went into effect. Let's see if other states want to join us on this one like they did the original law.

Before consumption requirements required all food sold at, lets say a farmer's market, to be consumed in a home. So lets say you bought a cake from a farmer's market. It would be okay to eat it at home. But serve it to your friends at work, no.

So how was a seller at a farmer's market, who probably made that product at home, to know where you were going to consume it? Now that no longer matters.

The new changes also allow indirect sales in Wyoming of non-potentially hazardous foods directly to consumers, and most any nonperishable product can be sold through restaurants and retail stores.

While the law is still considered "not perfect" by it's creators, constant improvements are being made and more are coming.

What folks like me consider good here is that we have far fewer ridiculous bureaucratic laws standing between the seller and the buyer's right to make their own decision based on their own standards.

Eat fresh from the farm and raw if you think that is best. Eat processed if you think that is best. Your call.

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