There is a healthy amount of skepticism when a celebrity announces they're moving to Wyoming. There is some perception that some want to come here to change things. Nikki Sixx isn't one of those celebrities. He has shared the reason he moved his family to Wyoming was for the sake of his daughter.

Blabbermouth shared an interview that Nikki did recently with radio station KLOS in Los Angeles.

Nikki shared this about the decision to make Wyoming his home:

Everybody is extremely outdoors-driven — fishing, hunting, hiking, going on the river, going up the lake. Everyone's extremely healthy. And there's no entertainment business here, so you're not dealing with any of that kind of stuff — you're just dealing with blue-collar people...I felt it was maybe time, and a better place to raise my daughter.

If you follow Nikki on Instagram, you no doubt have seen many pictures like this.

In the interview, he mentions how the chaos of the west coast does not help his creative process. He's looking for peace and quiet and Wyoming has that in spades. His move to our state is real. Pricey Pads shared the listing of Nikki's California mansion so there's no looking back. Wyoming is now his home and where he plans to raise his daughter.

By the way, Casper has a unique connection with Nikki and the Motley Crue guys as you might remember that drummer Tommy Lee was burnt during a concert here back in October of 2005.

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