The Denver Nuggets managed to retain their winning streak and extend it to 12 straight with last nights victory in Chicago against the Bulls in a controversial overtime battle. Although the Nuggets lead for the majority of the game, a poor defensive show out from the starting 5 and awful charity strip shooting allowed Chicago to stay in the game right down the finish.

Although the starters were not in sync, the bench, mainly forward Wilson Chandler who again tied his career high of 35 points and Corey Brewer, definitely came to play. The Bulls'  point guard Nate Robinson, who recently has been thrust into the limelight with starting guard Derrick Rose's injury, decimated Denver's defense and basically scored at will throughout the duration of the game. Robinson scored 34 points to keep pace with Chandler, but ultimately, it was not enough.

The 1st nail in the coffin was Andre' Iguodala's 3 pointer with less then 10 seconds on the clock, followed by the 2nd nail from the Bulls' own center, Joakim Noah's accidental offensive goaltend. Although the entire United Center was up in arms, the replay made it painfully obvious it was indeed a good call.

JaVale McGee once again managed to steal the spotlight however with a massive, take flight, way above the rim, throw down over Noah (which even got a rise of excitement and non-belief over the Chicago bench). McGee's deflection of an in-bound pass with .7 seconds on the clock sealed the win.

The Nuggets head to Oklahoma City tonight at 6pm to attempt to build on the streak versus the Thunder.


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