On January 27, Mike Decker recorded these unidentified glowing orbs in the Wyoming sky. There were 5 of these spherical shapes in the sky that night. In the video Decker commented that they were moving very slowly – “slower than a plane.” They floated across the sky, then just as soon as they appeared, they were gone.

These orb UFOs have been sighted all over the world. There are videos of these orbs in Mexico, China, and Taiwan. Not to mention the sightings in the U.S. in California, Illinois, Texas, and now Wyoming. They are often different colors from fire red to yellow or green and even a bluish color.

What are these mysterious globes in the sky? The truth is elusive. It could be alien space craft. It could be a secret government project. It could be an Amazon drone prototype. There could be some astrological explanation. Regardless, it does beg the question, what is out there?

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