The mining industry is known for its booms and busts. The story of Winton, Wyoming, is what happens when things go bust. Here in this video, some photographers explore the ruins of the once-booming mining town. All that is left is some concrete foundation and the skeletal remains of old buildings. Time and Mother Nature are not kind. The walls are now covered in graffiti and look like the stomping grounds for lost-misfit kids.

Winton established in the 1920s was once home to over 700 miners, according to The town had a post office, bath house, elementary school, bunkhouse, and clubhouse with a pool hall. The town operated a few mines for the Megeath Mining Company. wrote that the combined toll of the blizzard of 1947, flu, phenomena, and accidental mining deaths cause the mind to close in 1952. Then the town then withered away into its present state of decay. Some believe that the area is haunted. Hikers in the area have reported a strange light that followed them while in the ghost town.

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