With the reboot of the X-Files hitting the airwaves, I thought to myself, what if Scully and Mulder were in the Cowboy State. As I started to look into that idea, I found more and more unusual stories coming from the state. Most stories are myth or folklore and some are just oddities found within the state. With a little imagination and inflating the truth, they are several X-Files type stories found in Wyoming. The Truth is out there - these story ideas are fiction.

  • Government Owned Conspiracy

    Truth: Nearly %48 of Wyoming is owned by the federal government.

    Fiction: According to Mulder if you have a cover up something large like a spaceship, you need the space to hide such a large object. Mulder believes that there are a large number of secret military bases in Wyoming that are concealing alien life as part of a global conspiracy.

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  • Pedro Mountain Mummy

    Truth: A mummified body was discovered in the Pedro Mountains. The extremely small body was believed to be the mythical little people who were considered monsters by some and medicine men by others. Scientists after studying the remains determined that it was the mummified human baby. Shortly after the study, the remains were lost.

    Fiction: Mulder believes that the loosing of the remains was part of a government cover-up, and there are still pygmy people living in the mountains. These little people are actually a breed of alien life that has been living beneath the Earth’s surface for centuries.

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  • Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

    Truth: Outside of Green River there is a sign that reads “Grater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport.”

    Fiction: Mulder thinks that the town of Green River is inhabited by aliens living as humans. That this particular group of extraterrestrial trying to go public and cohabit with humans, yet the government is secretly at war with the town. They are killing off the residents making it look like suicides.

  • Devil's Tower

    Truth: The legend goes that a group of Sioux boys went out for a hunting trip. They got lost and were traveling the wrong way from camp. At a certain point they noticed they were being followed by the giant bear. The bear was not your average bear, but one so massive it could make a normal man a bit sized meal. The boys knowing they were in danger prayed to the gods to be saved. The earth below then lifted them to the heavens. The bear was so massive it still tried to claw its way to the top, but the boys were safe.

    Fiction: Mulder believes that when they were lifted to the heavens they were actually lifted into space by an alien spacecraft. The bear clawing of the rock was actually a rocket ship. Mulder thinks the rock is landing pad for UFOs.

  • UFO Sightings

    Truth: UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. There have been numerous UFO sightings is the Cowboy state from flying orbs, to formations, and triangle shaped crafts seen in the Wyoming skies.

    Fiction: Because of the lower number of people living in Wyoming, Mulder thinks the Cowboy state is a perfect location for aliens. Some of the sightings are extraterrestrials, but others are top secret projects of the US Government.