An arson investigation led to local and federal investigators finding more than 100 guns, including at least seven that were fully-automatic, near Worland last week.

According to a federal criminal complaint, firefighters and deputies responded to a house fire south of Worland on Oct. 7. As firefighters battled the blaze, a neighbor told a sheriff's deputy that the homeowner, Ryan Tate Allen, recently mentioned the house was about to go into foreclosure.

The complaint alleges that Worland Fire Chief Chris Kocher and Wyoming Fire Marshal Investigator Dave Harley both suspected arson and contacted law enforcement. Additionally, a Game and Fish warden also joined in the search.

During the search, deputies found several firearms, one of which was a Delton AR-style rifle with a 100 round magazine and selector that appeared to be fully automatic, according to the complaint.

In all, according to the complaint, more than 100 firearms were taken as evidence. Of those, at least seven were fully automatic.

In Allen's truck authorities allegedly found 100+ tabs of LSD, or acid, according to the sheriff's office. Along with the acid, law enforcement also found 26 grams of methamphetamine.

In a press release Monday, the sheriff's office said Allen bonded out at some point after his arrest. On Sunday, Allen and a woman were allegedly seen trying to leave his property in one of Allens' vehicles.

After Allen allegedly fled into the nearby hills, the Big Horn Basin Regional Tactical Team was activated. Members consist of law enforcement personnel from Washakie, Hot Springs and Big Horn counties.

In federal court, Allen is charged with one count of failing to properly register a fully automatic short-barrel rifle.

The Washakie County attorney's office has charged Allen with multiple drug distribution felonies along with driving without an interlock device.

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