In the wake of various Casper high school "confession" pages appearing on Facebook, a petition has been started requesting that Casper law enforcement "Take Action to Stop Cyberbullying"

Lucas Colgrove started the online petition December 19th, 2014 requesting that the Casper Police Department, Mills Police Department, Natrona County Sheriff's Office, Wyoming Highway Patrol, and the Glenrock Police Department would "take action to STOP cyberbullying by mandating that your officers uphold the law, both in the real world, and online."

According to Colgrove,

This petition is being started because there have been many Facebook "groups" and "pages" which have been created to bully, harass, intimidate, and degrade peers from the community. The Casper Police Department, specifically, has been contacted regarding some of these pages, yet they continue to look the other way.

Facebook places the responsibility on local law enforcement, and law enforcement places the duty with Facebook. With thousands of suicides annually due to bullying, one would think that people would be ready to put an end to it.

The police need to take accountability for their role in keeping the community safe, both on and off the internet.


The Casper Police Department did respond to one of Colgroves reports, which he posted on his Facebook page. See the response here.

20,000 supporters are needed, the petition currently has 147.