Any Music festival worth its salt is going to have a myriad of food and beverage options. It’s great to have good music and all that, but how long can you listen before the rumbling of your stomach overpowers the bass running through your body?

There is something special about any kind of festival, carnival, or fair food. All that greasy goodness can only be found there, rather they taste best there. At the Beartrap Summer Festival, we have many vendors, local vendors, some of which I did not know existed, looking out for our empty bellies. Lord BLESS the people who have the talent to cook delicious foods, and decided to share them with the world! “Raedyn, you’re babbling about event food. What is so special about the food at Bear trap than the food at other events and festivals?” I’m so glad you asked, imaginary second voice!

The food at Beartrap is all made locally! These are your neighbors, co-workers, your friends who are out here making a real business name for themselves! It’s not just cool that someone in your backyard knows how to cook gator, but they also know what the city is lacking and how to give back to the community. You may be saying, “It’s not giving it’s selling” but they didn’t have to cook at all, they went out and bought the materials, cookware, ingredients, transportation, and everything else needed with the hope that someone would enjoy their masterpiece. It is the least you can do to give something back in appreciation.

Best Eats at Beartrap

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